KAOS Silicone Skin Eyelet – Black – 65A09UK


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Stylish and comfortable these black silicone eyelets are a great choice for your stretching. These soft flesh tunnels are very light and make your stretching look bigger.

These KAOS silicone eyelets are very soft and can be squashed flat. This makes them really comfortable especially for sleeping. To insert just fold these eyelets in half put them in the piercing and let go. They spring back into shape and still hold the stretching open.

Silicone is a very skin-friendly material. They are also lightweight and metal-free so they are a good compromise if your boss doesn’t like stretching.

  • Recommended for sleeping.
  • Thin and light.
  • Ideal for wear under headphones hats & cycling / sports helmets.
  • Sold singularly.


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