Gold Body Jewellery

Treat yourself to timeless style with our Gold Body Jewellery. Each piece is carefully hand-finished, ensuring you receive a beautiful product with a smooth, non-irritating finish. We also have a stylish range of Silver Body Jewellery.

All our gold body jewellery is of the highest quality and complies with all assay and nickel testing requirements. We do not stand for any inferior quality gold or workmanship. Please be aware of any imported mass produced body jewellery products which may not comply with EC nickel directives and of any small companies that use scrap gold for production of body jewellery. We only use new gold and new wire for every piece that is produced. Where possible, all threads are produced on a CNC lathe to provide durable and high quality threads.

We recommend that Gold body jewellery is only worn in fully healed piercings. Gold Plated Jewellery worn in the mouth may tarnish.

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