Tongue Bars

Treat your tongue piercing to comfort and style with our Titanium Flat Tongue Stud Barbells. These tongue bars have wide, flat ends that won’t irritate your mouth or sink into your tongue like some balls can. And because they are titanium, these tongue bars are suitable for even new piercings. Our titanium barbells are ideal for all sorts of piercings, including Tongue Piercings, Nipple Piercings and Ear Piercings.
These Tongue Studs are super comfortable and prevent friction. Screw in balls on standard barbells often irritate the tissue beneath the tongue and the roof of the mouth by rubbing against the skin, the obvious solution is to replace the balls with wide but flat ends on the bar. Flat Tongue Studs are not only comfortable but they are discrete and available in a range colours. If you’re looking for something glamorous for your tongue piercing, don’t miss out on our sensational surgical steel Swarovski Crystal Tongue Bars, for a truly magical tongue adornment!

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