Ultra Violet

Light up your look with our Ultra Violet Body Jewellery. These gorgeous pieces are crafted from UV reactive materials such as acrylic and PMMA. Both have high biocompatibility and glow brightly under UV light – perfect for clubbing and night time style. We also have a great choice of Glow In The Dark Body Jewellery.

A new generation of polymers (acrylics) are being increasingly used in medical situations, and their suitability for body piercing jewellery is widely acknowledged. Anecdotal and empirical evidence, as well as scientific data, indicates that the human body tolerates acrylics exceptionally well.

Our Ultra Violet body piercing jewellery is manufactured from Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). Acrylics and acrylic resins are common names for polymers of derivatives or acrylic acid and methacrylic acid.

PMMA was amongst the first plastics to be developed in the second and third decades of the twentieth century, and was successfully employed as a substitute for glass in widescreens for motor vehicles and aeroplanes. PMMA became subsequently the material of choice for contact lenses, cosmetic surgery and spinal fixation devices. Considered biologically inert, PMMA is better under its’ various brand names, Lucite, Plexiglas, Perspex.

Acrylic jewellery should be frequently cleaned. In extremely rare cases of sensitisation, remove and replace the jewellery.

Our Ultra Violet reactive body piercing jewellery does not strip away from threaded metal posts as easily as some middle eastern copies. PMMA pieces are threaded in the PMMA itself, providing a more solid product.

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