Refresh your style with our gorgeous range of Acrylic Body Jewellery. We have a great choice of acrylic, PMMA, Fimo body jewellery, as well as eye-catching Plugs and Tapers to keep your piercings happy and healthy.

We have a fantastic new range of high performance polyester ear plugs. This special formula plastic is non toxic and is used in a wide range of surgical applications including synthetic artery replacements, absorbable sutres, surgical staples; tendon reconstructions, prosthetic heart valves, bone plates and screws and replacement vertebral discs.

Casein is a unique marbled material produced by acid precipitation of pure skimmed milk, which has varied applications as both a foodstuff and a plastic. Manufactured at only two locations in the world, Casein powdered between steel rollers and laid flat. Only 1mm per week can be laid down for the Casein to bond effectively. A 16mm ear plug takes 4 months of preparation followed by a further 3 months of hardening. The resulting product is inert. No two plugs have the same pattern.

We also have a new range of PMMA ear plugs with a wide variety of front logos.
Ikon plugs are available in six sizes.

Please note that none of our plastic range should be autoclaved or subjected to intense heat simulation.

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