Discover rapid healing and stress-free piercings with PTFE Body Jewellery. PTFE is an amazing material that is completely inert, biocompatible and flexible. PTFE is also non-stick, so you will get less lymph build up. It is ideal for reducing stress on facial piercings and for navel piercings during pregnancy. You can also wear PTFE body jewellery during X-rays, surgery and in hospital. As well as PTFE we also have a great choice of Bioplast Body Jewellery – another medical grade piercing material.
PTFE is an amazing inert biomaterial with excellent biocompatibility characteristics. PTFE has amazing ‘Non-Stick’ properties, lymph does not stick to it. PTFE Jewellery is suitable for initial piercings, and those taking a long time to heal. Perfect for work if you’re not allowed to wear jewellery, or if you’re going into hospital. PTFE Barbells are perfectly acceptable in the medical world for swapping with your existing jewellery during X-Rays and operations. Because of it’s flexibility, PTFE Barbells are often used in the navel piercings of pregnant women, as they bend to allow the stomach to expand. PTFE is also used in facial reconstruction and ear surgery. Suitable for all body piercings. Don’t forget to check out or great range of other non-metal barbells, such as these funky Glow In the Dark Barbells!

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