Body Piercing Information

Piercing Information

KAOS Softwear Silicone Hider Plugs

These incredible KAOS Softwear hider plugs are flesh tone silicone flesh plugs that make any stretching less noticeable and more discrete. They are ideal for work, school and formal occasions, giving you a simple way to make your stretchings “disappear”.

BioFlex Body Piercing Tubes

Discover a fantastic new type of body piercing jewellery – BioFlex Multi-Use Body Piercing Tubes. These flexible tubes are great for your piercings because they reduce stress due to movement, reduce healing times and are completely metal free.

Piercing Information
Piercing Information

Body Piercing Jewellery Types

There are many different styles of jewellery that you can wear in your piercings, from common items such as ball closure rings, barbells and bananabells to custom shapes, stretching jewellery and hardcore piercing jewellery.

Piercing Aftercare

Information and advice on how best to case for you new body piercing. Plus information on once your piercing has healed and the day to day care of your piercing.

Piercing Information
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