Titanium Body Jewellery

Discover happy healthy piercings with our fantastic selection of Titanium Body Jewellery. Titanium body jewellery has excellent biocompatibility and is half the weight of surgical steel, so it creates less movement stress on your piercings. Titanium can also be anodised, so we can offer you a great range of colours to spice up your style. Choose from Titanium BCRs, Titanium Bananabells, Titanium Flesh Tunnels and more.

Titanium is now playing a major role in the body jewellery market. Because of its’ three main characteristics, titanium is now challenging stainless steel as the most favoured metal in the body piercing jewellery industry. Titanium is only half the weight of steel and can be anodised, offering a wide selection of surface colours. Not all grades of titanium and its’ alloys are suitable for invasive body jewellery applications.

We use grade 23 surgical titanium (Ti6AL4VELI) for all new titanium body jewellery products. This is a grade recognised by standard societies world wide for medical devices, including the international standards organisation in Switzerland and the ASTM in the USA. Heard valves, pacemakers and replacement human body parts are being made of Grade 23 titanium. Its’ biocompatibility is internationally respected. Grade 23 titanium has been designated an ‘F’ prefix by the ASTM (F-136), signifying it’s status as an approved medical grade material, thus allowing FDA consent for it’s use in medical devices. No higher qualification exists.

All our G23Ti body piecing jewellery is highly polished for physiological acceptance and decorative effect, and comes in a sparkling spectrum of vivid colours. Grade 23 titanium can be used for all primary piercings in accordance with the European Union Nickel Directive. All jewellery has a super smooth surface and extreme chemical stability.

The passive oxide film on grade 23 titanium is almost three times thicker than on ‘commercially pure’ grade 1 titanium. (83A compared to 82A) It is the oxide film on the titanium which invests the material with its high corrosion resistance properties.

Grade 23 titanium has a yield strength almost double of grade 1 titanium, and displays excellent repassivation kinetics. Grade 23 titanium is also specified by the APP (Association of Professional Piercers) for body jewellery usage. G23 titanium is also half the weight of niobium and significantly harder, resulting in a more durable colour performance. All jewellery is super polished (Ti-Glo¾) and many items are also available anodised (coloured), anodised titanium can be used in primary piercings as well as healed piercings without detrimental effect.

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