Kaos Flesh Tunnels & Plugs

Treat your stretchings to something really special with our Kaos Silicone Flesh Tunnels and Plugs! These tunnels are incredibly soft and comfy, plus they are so easy to insert. Simply fold the tunnel in two, place in your stretching and let go – it’s that simple. Soft, biocompatible and available in a great range of designs, our Kaos silicone ear stretching jewellery is a fantastic choice. We also have clever Silicone Flesh Plug Retainers – perfect for work or school.
Kaos Silicon Plugs and Tunnels. Theres been a lot a talk about these little beauties, and now they are here on BJS!These Kaos Tunnels are extremely flexible and soft, feeling great to wear! To insert, just fold the tunnel and let go once it’s through your piercing – the tunnel will flex back to its shape by itself. Available in various colours and designs.Wash eyelets with soap & water prior to first use. You can autoclave silicone jewellery if desired. Lubrication of both eyelet & piercing with body friendly oils (eg. Vitamin-E, Jojoba, Olive Oil etc) prior to insertion or removal is recommended.

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