Four Pronged Piercing Jewellery Ball Holder – 57A02UK

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A very handy piece of body piercing jewellery equipment for piercing enthusiasts and professionals alike.

This piercing jewellery ball grabber or holder will securely hold 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm and 8mm jewellery balls and accessories.

The piercing jewellery ball grabber ensures a safe grip preventing the loss of your piercing jewellery and accessories all over the house… gone are the days we search our sofas and carpets for stray balls that seem to disappear into thin air!

Even if you’ve got small hands it can still be difficult to handle piercing jewellery and if you’ve got long nails they get in the way! The piercing jewellery ball holder saves time and makes things a lot easier.

Will hold balls up to 8mm.


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