Piercing Tools

Our Body Piercing Tools make it easy to care for your piercings, change your body jewellery and stretch your piercings safely. We have a great range of professional piercing jewellery tools and care products to look after your piercings, from Piercing Aftercare and Stretching Tools to BCR Opening Pliers and Measuring Tools.
Our body piercing tools are crafted to the highest quality by a specialist surgical instrument manufacturer. If properly cared for, and carefully maintained, your tools will give many years of reliable performance.
To get the most of your body piercing tools, make sure the tools are used only for the specific purpose for which they have been designed.
Body piercing tools should be handled gently, be careful not to strain or drop them. Stainless steel tools are not indestructible and must be treated with great respect. For example, if a tool with springs fitted is dropped on a hard surface, hairline cracks can appear in the spring, which will result in a fracture when the tool is next heated.
After use, always check for any cracks or abrasions on the tool such as cracked springs due to dropping etc. Discard any tool where a crack is evident. A cracked tool is not only potentially dangerous, but cannot properly be sterilised. Was in detergent and warm water, or perferably clean in an ultrasonic cleaner immediately after use.
When using ultrasonic cleaners, it is important that the solution used is mixed at the correct strength. Failure to clean and decontaminate tools after use may result in them becoming strained and the joints stiff.
If tools cannot be cleaned immediately after use they must be left submerged in a hot soapy solution and not allowed to dry out.
Autoclave at 134 degrees for 3.5 minutes, or 121 degrees for 15 minutes. (These are general instructions but be sure to check details given by equipment manufacturers as they may vary from those given here.)
It is essential to check the hardness of the water used in autoclave. Water that is too hard will leave a deposit on the tools. Purified or distilled water should be used.
Dry tools thoroughly and apply a suitable water-soluble lubricant berfore storage. Tools should be closed during storage on the first ratchet tooth rather than the last, to prevent tension and strain on the ratchet.
New tools must be cleaned before use. Remove any protective covering and rinse them thoroughly in hot running water. Dry them while they are hot.
Sterilise them as you would ‘used’ tools. Make sure they are completely dry and lubricated before you store them.
Finally, remember that stainless steel is only ‘stainless’ under ideal conditions. Appearance and function will only be maintained if care and kindness are given. In return the user will receive confidence, reliability and great satisfaction.

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