Triangle Silicon Flesh Tunnel – White – 64A10UK


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Give your lobes a fantastic new look with our white triangle silicon flesh tunnels. Thanks to the softness of the silicon, these are the most comfortable type of triangular tunnel. They look very striking and will really show off your stretchings.
These silicon flesh tunnels are soft and comfortable. They are great for sleeping or when you wear headphones or helmets. They squash down under pressure. They are also very easy to insert – you can squish the tunnel to get it into your stretching.
Silicon is highly biocompatible and skin-friendly. If other jewellery irritates your stretchings we recommend trying out silicon flesh tunnels.

Soft and comfortable
Ideal for wear under headphones, hats and helmets
Ideal for sleeping in
Safer in event of impact to stretching
Suitable for healed, established stretchings only
Not suitable for stretching with
Not recommended for stretched cartilage piercings – cartilage cannot adapt to the shape
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