Large Gauge Steel Barbell – Bolt – 70C01UK


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Toughen up with our large gauge steel bolt barbells. These awesome barbells feature hexagonal ends that make it look like a bolt.
This steel barbell is internally threaded so it is more comfortable to insert, especially in a freshly stretched piercing. The whole thing is finely machined in superior quality surgical steel, ensuring a smooth finish and no irritated piercings.

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4mm x 8mm, 4mm x 10mm, 4mm x 12mm, 4mm x 14mm, 4mm x 16mm, 4mm x 18mm, 5mm x 8mm, 5mm x 10mm, 5mm x 12mm, 5mm x 14mm, 5mm x 16mm, 5mm x 18mm, 6mm x 8mm, 6mm x 10mm, 6mm x 12mm, 6mm x 14mm, 6mm x 16mm, 6mm x 18mm


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