Dermal Anchor with Jewelled Disc – 26B08UK


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Get gorgeous, healthy micro dermals with this Jewelled Dermal Anchor.The anchor plate has three holes to allow better healing – the holes help to healing skin to bond more easily, so your micro dermal should heal more quickly and securely.This Dermal Anchor is made from G23 surgical titanium with smooth corners. G23 surgical titanium is completely bio-compatible, with a flawlessly smooth surface.The anchor is internally threaded, so you can easily change the disc once your piercing is healed.This Dermal Anchor has a jewelled disc that sits flush with your skin, so it won’t get caught on clothing or hair. The clear jewel looks gorgeous against your skin, so you can add a little extra sparkle anywhere you fancy!Stem thickness: 1.6mmStem height: 2.5mmDisc diameter: 4mm


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