Barbell and Stirrup Nipple Jewellery – 70B09UK


316L Surgical Steel nipple jewellery, suitable for nipple piercings in a variety of sizes. Barbell and Stirrup nipple jewellery is popular for both men and women, creating a striking look whilst being very practical. Stretched nipple piercings can also fit stirrup jewellery as it is available in different gauge options also.

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1.6mm x 8mm, 1.6mm x 10mm, 1.6mm x 12mm, 1.6mm x 14mm, 1.6mm x 16mm, 1.6mm x 18mm, 1.6mm x 20mm, 2mm x 8mm, 2mm x 10mm, 2mm x 12mm, 2mm x 14mm, 2mm x 16mm


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