Stretching Tools

Stretch your piercings in comfort and style with our fantastic choice of Stretching Tools. These tools make it easy to stretch your ears slowly and reduce healing times. Choose from easy to use stretching crescents and claws or light up your look with glow in the dark stretching tapers. We also have a full range of Flesh Tunnels and Plugs.
Here is a selection of tools that can be used to stretch your piercing up. Some tools are used to stretch one size at a time, whilst others have several sizes in one. It’s important to only stretch your piercing up one size at a time and to leave at least 2 weeks between each stretch to avoid tearing the flesh. Some jewellery can be left in and gradually pushed along to stretch the piercing over a longer period of time. Tapered Insertions pins allow you to stretch your piercing up one size at a time. At one end the tapered insertion pin is a groove where your jewellery can be rested into, helping with the follow-through of the jewellery. Pushing the pin slowly through the piercing will stretch it up to the desired size. When the tapered insertion pin is all the way through, the jewellery will follow and slide into the piercing. See our information pages for more information on Stretching Aftercare and Common Stretching Problems.

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