Make sure your snug piercing looks and feels great with our snug piercing jewellery. Snug piercings are located on the lower half of the ear rim, through the inner cartilage. Ball closure rings and circular barbells are the best options for a snug piercing, but always make sure you have the correct size ring. Choose from the items below or click through to see our full range of snug piercing jewellery.


The snug piercing, also known as the anti-helix piercing, is a newer piercing type and is one of the hottest trends right now. The snug piercing is located at the top of the anti-tragus, and is inserted through an area which sits between the rim of your ear and the inner cartilage. Sometimes you have to pay for pleasure and the Snug is commonly considered the most painful cartilage piercing. The cartilage in the ear is sensitive to begin with, and the cartilage in the anti-helix area is thick and strong, not everyone’s ear is able to accommodate this type of piercing so be sure to check with your piercer before beginning the process. Snug piercing healing can take between 3-6 months due to its location. When it comes to choosing jewellery ball closure rings are a very popular choice for 2023.

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