Smooth & Hinged Segment Rings

Smooth and sleek, our Surgical Steel Smooth Segment Rings are a really special addition to your body piercings. These rings work just like a BCR, except that instead of a ball they have a smooth curved section. This creates a seamless ring that can be turned 360 degrees through your piercing. They are a very comfortable and elegant alternative to regular ball closure rings.
The smoothest of all body piercing rings; these Smooth Segment Rings are highly sophisticated pieces of jewellery. A removable curved segment acts as the closure mechanism; while it’s continuous circular boundary makes it very smooth and comfortable to wear, and allowing it to be turned 360 degrees without any obstruction. These Smooth Segment Rings look fabulous in Lip, Daith, Rook, Tragus, Nose and Navel piercings!

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