Nose Piercing Retainers

Our Nose Piercing Retainers make it easy to keep your nose piercings discrete and open at school and work. These clever retainers are almost invisible and most contain no metal – perfect for X-rays and hospital visits too. We also have a full range of Nose Piercing Jewellery to choose from.
Here we have a selection of Nose Piercing Retainers that are completely transparent and will keep your nose piercing open while hiding it for those important occasions. Clear Nose Studs are particularly great for job interviews, school and college where piercings may not be allowed.
We also have a wide selection of other Body Piercing Retainers to hide just about any piercing you may have! Our Nose Piercing Retainers are available in different designs; the Nose Screw studs that ‘twist’ into your nose piercing, or the Nose Pins that have a straight stem. Nose Piercing Retainers simply replace existing nose studs or nose rings and can be worn in your nose piercing for as long as you require. Check out our bigger selection of Clear Nose Studs for jewelled Bioplast nose studs and more!

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