Non Piercing Nipple Jewellery

Make a statement with our range of non-piercing nipple jewellery. These pieces can be worn on pierced or unpierced nipples and look amazing. Our non-piercing nipple jewellery includes stylish nipple clamps and rings that fit around the nipple rather than through it. Fake nipple jewellery is also a great way to experiment with the look of nipple jewellery without committing to a piercing – if you do decide to get your nipples pierced at a later date, we have an excellent range of nipple piercing jewellery to choose from.
Non Piercing nipple jewellery is designed to clip onto the nipple instead of having your nipple pierced! You can simply clip the piece of jewellery on for temporary wear, then take them off for next time!
Fake nipple jewellery will fit any nipple size as they are adjustable for your comfort. You may also like our range of Nipple Clamps.

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