Fake Stretching Tapers

These Fake Stretching Tapers make it easy to get the cool look of stretched ears – with none of the pain! Each fake taper fits into a regular ear piercing but looks just like the real thing – perfect whether you’re planning to stretch your ears or not. For a simpler look we also have Fake Flesh Plugs.
Fake Flesh Tapers allow you to look like you have stretched ears while only having a standard piercing. The fake flesh tapers are designed in two pieces; the Front Disc screws off for easy fitting, simply push the bar through your piercing and screw the front disc back on, for a hassle free stretched look. Our Fake Flesh Tapers are available in a range of colours and styles, including tapers UV and picture plugs. Check out our full range of Non Piercing Body Jewellery!

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