Silver Nipple Jewellery

Discover the ultimate body piercing adornment with our Silver Nipple Jewellery. This stunning range includes 925 sterling silver nipple shields, pretty nipple chains and sparkly Swarovski crystals. Each piece is secured with a plain barbell, perfect for when you need something special for your nipple piercing. We also have a full range of Nipple Piercing Jewellery.
Silver nipple jewellery includes a wide selection of beautiful body adornments for both men and women. We have put together a unique range of stunning nipple shields, nipple chains, nipple sparklers and nipple crowns, available in different styles and internal diameters. They make any nipple piercing absolutely stunning. Nipple shields are super easy to fit, and are simply worn with your Nipple Bar. Please note. A barbell needs to be longer then the Inside diameter of the nipple shield. We also have an extravagant range of Surgical Steel Nipple Shields, featuring the widest range of different designs you will find, guaranteed! You may also like our range of Blackline Nipple Shields.

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