Glass Body Jewellery

Refresh your style with some Glass Body Jewellery. Glass jewellery has a flawlessly smooth finish and is completely biocompatible, so it won’t irritate your piercings. All our glass body jewellery uses lead-free borosilicate glass – ideal for sensitive skin or if you suffer from allergies.
Glass belongs to a group of substances which have unique properties termed as supercooled liquids, which have passed into a rigid state without undergoing any noticeable structural change. Most glass is artificial (made by man) but there are also natural glasses such as Obsidian, Volcanic Glass.
Glass has proven to be a fantastic material for body adornment. It is hypoallergenic by it’s very nature, it is completely deficient in causing any allergies. It has been used in the medical world as an inert foundation for corrective facial bone surgery, and other surgery around the body.
The biocompatible characteristics of glass make it an ultra compatible material for implantation and for body jewellery wear. Many companies are now manufacturing jewellery from poor quality recycled glass, which means that its origins and qualities are flawed and untraceable. We supply only Borosilicate glass so there is absolutely no lead in any of our glass body jewellery. Every piece is hand crafted and inspected to perfect standards creating new products for a new generation.
Glass is fragile so please take care of your body jewellery. Do not wear delicate articles in the shower, and take care when removing and storing your glass body jewellery.
Please note that all our glass is hand blown, so sizes may vary up to 1mm on the inside diameter.

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