Push the boundaries of your pleasure with our classic range of nipple clamps. These nipple clamps and trainers are beautifully machined in 316L surgical steel, designed to look wonderful and last a lifetime. These are hardcore nipple clamps and designed with experienced players in mind, but use with caution and they offer truly unique sensations.
The vast majority of adult products contained on this web site are manufactured in 316L Surgical Stainless Steel. Medical supplies are acquired from reputable medical wholesalers, and are hospital grade. Design rights exist on virtually all adult products, and these rights are reserved.
Adult products on this web site are intended solely for a sexually sophisticated adult clientele. Please consult a physician or other anatomical authority before purchasing ANY adult product contained herein. If used incorrectly, or to excess, physical damage may result. DO NOT ATTEMPT ANY ACTION BEYOND YOUR KNOWLEDGE OR EXPERIENCE. The items/contents of this web site are for adult personal use only and thus we cannot be held responsible for the misuse by the purchaser. However this does not affect your statutory rights. If you are unsure of a product do not purchase. Please educate yourself in regards to any consequence of any action before you purchase. Your order will therefore be deemed to have been intellectually considered. SAFETY:Please consider all safety aspects of any and all adult products on this web site prior to purchase. Please seek expert advice where appropriate.HYGIENE:Please consider all hygiene aspects of any and all adult products on his web site prior to purchase. Please seek expert advice where appropriate.Please use these adult products carefully, and with respect for the anatomical weaknesses of the human body Do not use on broken, swollen or inflamed skin.The above list is not a comprehensive overview. Please consider ALL aspects of the use of ALL articles before purchase. These adult products are NOT for general use, but for sophisticated serious hedonists. We hope you are intrigued and impressed with our merchandise. Proceed with caution. Enjoy yourselves!!!!

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