BioFlex Eyebrow Bars

These Bioflex Eyebrow Bananabells look great and keep your eyebrow piercings healthy – perfect for everyday wear. Bioflex is flexible and biocompatible, reducing the risk of injury or stress on your piercing. We also have a great choice of Bioflex Retainers and Eyebrow Piercing Jewellery to meet your needs.
These Bioflex Eyebrow Bars are simply adorable and will really make your eyebrow piercing stand out in style whilst being comfortable to wear! Bioflex jewellery is flexible, allowing movement to minimise risk of injury to any piercing. Bioflex is independently judged to be biocompatible and benefits of use include minimised swelling, infections and faster healing times.Don’t forget to check out our full range of unique Eyebrow Jewellery

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