BioFlex Bananabells

Our Bioflex Bananabells are flexible and biocompatible, so they help your navel piercings look and feel great. Bioflex navel jewellery is perfect for hospital visits and pregnancy wear – the flexible stem bends with your body. You can also customise your look with our Bioflex Accessories and full range of Navel Piercing Jewellery.
Bioflex jewellery is flexible, allowing movement to minimise risk of injury to any piercing. BioFlex is an excellent piercing material! BioFlex can be steam sterilized or autoclaved; BioFlex is highly bio-compatible. It reduces the chances of an allergic reaction to almost zero. There is a varied range of BioFlex bananabells in a range of colours and jewel colours, designs include ‘Pop in Jewels;’, Shaped Jewels, and Bananabells with hoops, which allow you to attach charms, chains and BCR’s.The stems are either 15mm or 18mm long, which can be cut down to your perfect size! You can do this with our threading tool, ideal for making this process easier although it can also be done with a metal threaded ball or accessory.

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