A daith piercing is pierced through the fold of cartilage closest to the ear canal. Whether or not you can have a daith piercing will depend on your anatomy – there must be enough room for a bar or ring. Daith piercings are cartilage piercings so they may take a while to heal. Choose from these best-selling daith piercing items or click to see the full range.


A Daith ear piercing is placed in the ear’s innermost fold of ear cartilage at the centre of the ear, the piercing is usually performed with a straight hollow needle. If you are looking for a subtle yet unique way to decorate your ear the Daith is for you. As well as looking fabulous it has been reported that this piercing can assist with the cure of migraines by activating a soothing pressure point on the ear; although there is no scientific evidence to support this. It can take up to 3-4 months for a daith piercing to heal, in some cases longer. If you have trouble healing your daith piercing, try Bioplast piercing jewellery or Blackline piercing jewellery, both of which reduce healing times. A daith piercing should not hurt any more than any other piercing. We recommend that you seek out a skilled professional piercer in your area to perform this one.

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