Auricle piercings have begun to gain a lot of attention lately, with the trend of ear piercings becoming more popular. Auricle piercings consist of an ear rim piercing placed on the outside of the ear, about halfway down; the section between your earlobe and upper helix. The auricle piercing offers a big choice of ear jewellery from ear studs, ear cuffs, barbells or hoop earrings to wear in your piercing. Here you will find our best-selling auricle piercing jewellery. We also have an amazing range of Tragus Studs which are also perfect for auricle piercings.


The Auricle piercing is an elegant and eye-catching ear piercing located on the back outer edge of the ear cartilage, mid-way up the ear, between the ear lobe and Helix piercing. The Auricle is a versatile piercing which can be styled with many varieties of earrings to create a unique appearance. This ear piercing goes particularly well with a Helix piercing, when styled with matching earrings these piercings work together wonderfully. The Auricle piercing sits on a thicker part of the ear so tends to be more painful than other ear piercings, such as a standard ear lobe piercing. However, it is likely to be no less painful than a Helix piercing. An Auricle piercing requires regular cleaning with sterile saline solution at least twice a day and takes around 12 weeks to fully heal.

Many customers ask, is the Auricle piercing painful and how long does it take to heal? It is a fact that cartilage piercings will hurt more than lobe piercings. The good news for those thinking of an auricle piercing is that the cartilage in this area is thinner, so any pain will subside quickly. In terms of healing times these will naturally differ from person to person. From feedback from our customers typically the auricle takes between 3-9 months to heal. We recommend using a labret stud, due to it’s flat backing, for the first year following your piercing and ensuring that you have some piercing after care solution on-hand, just in case.

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