Zircon Gold™ Caviar Labret Stud – 31K12UK


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Zircon Gold is made of PVD Coated G23 Surgical Titanium. This threaded Caviar Labret Stud, available for the first time features a 1.6mm stem with 3mm balls! Minimal weight and sleek design.Wearing jewellery of the correct size in your body piercing is important, so knowing how to measure makes buying and choosing body piercing jewellery quicker, safer and more convenient. If the body jewellery is too short in your piercing it will aggravate the area, cause an excess of swelling and possibly lead to infection. If it is too long the body jewellery stands more chance of getting caught or snagged. Find more information on measuring in our BodyJewelleryShop Blog!

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5mm with 3mm Ball, 6mm with 3mm Ball, 7mm with 3mm Ball, 8mm with 3mm Ball, 9mm with 3mm Ball, 10mm with 3mm Ball


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