Titanium Bar Closure Ring – Ti Glow – 9B05UK


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Give your piercings a sleek, stylish look with our titanium bar closure rings. These bar closure rings have a bright shine and look great in any piercing.
These bar closure rings work in the same way as a BCR except they have a straight bar instead of a ball. This gives you a smoother look and allows you to rotate the ring through your piercing.
Our G23 titanium body jewellery is extremely comfortable to wear in any piercing. Titanium is non-irritating and we recommend it for people who have experienced irritation with other metals.

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1.2mm x 6mm, 1.2mm x 8mm, 1.2mm x 10mm, 1.2 x 7mm, 1.2 x 9mm, 1.2 x 11mm, 1.2mm x 12mm, 1.2mm x 14mm, 1.6mm x 6mm, 1.6mm x 8mm, 1.6mm x 10mm, 1.6mm x 12mm, 1.6mm x 14mm


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