PMMA Ikon flesh plug – Ikon Plug Sacred Heart – 60A08UK


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The Sacred Heart is a religious devotion to Jesus’ physical heart, as the representation of the divine love for humanity. This Ikon plug is ideal for anyone who loves to make a religious statement. A truly unique design that looks fantastic when paired or mixed with our Jesus, Ecce Homo or Immaculate Mary designs.Top Tip: To help you fit your plug easily, you can do several things to help. Try fitting your jewellery after a hot shower, when your skin is soft and supple. Use some lubrication, perhaps savlon cream or vitamin-e oil. Fit the double flared end through like a button – one side at a time. If you are still having trouble, do not force the plug and wait an additional week or two before trying again. This will reduce risks of damage to your healthy stretch!

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