Blackline Threaded Balls – 60B04UK


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Get a stylish look with our blackline threaded balls. These threaded balls come in a range of sizes and gauges to suit your needs. They have a flawless shiny finish and look great against your skin.
This threaded ball is made from PVC coated G23 surgical titanium, otherwise known as blackline. It is extremely biocompatible and comfortable to wear. Blackline body jewellery is recommended for people who are sensitive to metals, so this ball is ideal for sensitive piercings.

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1.6mm x 3mm, 1.6mm x 4mm, 1.6mm x 5mm, 1.6mm x 6mm, 1.6mm x 8mm, 2.0mm x 6mm, 2.4mm x 6mm, 2.0mm x 6mm


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