Blackline Smooth Segment Ring – 71A06UK


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Discover the smoothest of all body piercing rings – our blackline smooth segment ring. This smooth segment ring works just like a BCR except that instead of a clip-in ball it has a curved segment that creates a seamless look.

This means that these rings can be rotated smoothly through your piercings and won’t catch on anything. They are much more comfortable that BCRs and easier to clean. Smooth segment rings can be a little fiddly to use at first so if you plan on wearing these a lot we recommend purchasing some piercing jewellery pliers.

Blackline is extremely biocompatible and this blackline ring is recommended if you have experienced irritation from other metals. It is flawlessly smooth and has a stylish high shine.


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1.2mm x 8mm, 1.2mm x 10mm, 1.2mm x 12mm, 1.6mm x 8mm, 1.6mm x 10mm, 1.6mm x 12mm, 2.4mm x 12mm, 2.4mm x 16mm, 2.4mm x 19mm


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