Bioplast™ Threaded Labret Stem – Clear – 80D11UK


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This Clear Bioplast threaded labret stem is available in a variety of lengths.

These Bioplast labret stems are threaded so you don’t have to worry about threading it yourself! All you need is a threaded ball or accessory to fit on the end. Please ensure that you choose the correct length to fit your piercing.

Labret stems are not only designed for labret and lip piercings they are also commonly worn in ear piercings too! You can wear them anywhere as long as they feel comfortable and fit your piercing correctly.

If you require a longer length we also have a Bioplast stem at 45mm in length that can be cut down to your desired length! Product Code BLA.


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1.2 x 6mm, 1.2 x 8mm, 1.2 x 10mm, 1.2 x 12mm, 1.6 x 6mm, 1.6 x 8mm, 1.6 x 10mm, 1.6 x 12mm


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