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Bio-plast Push Fit Labret and Ear Retainer – Clear – 32E18UK

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These Bio-plast labret stems have a clear Bio-plast accessory on the end, making them excellent for secure retainers. Bio- plast jewellery is flexible, soft and is proven to reduce the effects of gum recession in labret and lip piercings. The softer material is gentle against the gums and teeth, preventing chipping and helping to reduce recession and irritation in the mouth. Bio- plast also allows movement to minimise risk of injury to any piercing. Bio-plast is independently judged to be biocompatible and benefits of use include minimised swelling, infections and faster healing times. Available in 1.2mm and 1.6mm Gauge.

Dimensions10 cm
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1.2mm x 6mm, 1.2mm x 8mm, 1.2mm x 10mm, 1.6mm x 6mm, 1.6mm x 8mm, 1.6mm x 10mm


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