2in1 PMMA Flesh Plug & Taper – Zebra Stripe – 84A06UK


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Sleek and stylish with a wild edge, this 2in1 flesh plug and taper is a great choice. This set can be worn as a flesh plug or taper, both with gorgeous zebra print that really stands out.
This 2in1 flesh plug and taper is great value, comfortable to wear and looks fantastic. It consists of 3 parts: 1 flesh plug back, 1 tapered back and a front disc that screws onto both of them. The taper makes more of a statement but the plug is more comfortable for sleeping etc.
Made from PMMA acrylic, this 2in1 plug and taper is comfortable, lightweight and durable. The design is sealed under a clear layer instead of printed on the surface, so it wil not fade or scratch.

Not a stretching taper
Please see our PMMA Stretching Tapers instead
Sold singularly

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