Surgical Steel Stretching Jewellery

Make a real statement with our Surgical Steel Stretching Jewellery. We have a great selection of steel flesh tunnels and plugs to suit any size and any style. Choose from plain Flared Eyelets and Steel Flesh Tunnels, glam Jewelled Eyelets and funky Ikon Stash Ear Drums.
All flesh plugs and tunnels for stretched piercings are sold singularly, so you can mix and match your designs!
Here at BodyJewelleryShop we have a vast a ray of body jewellery specifically designed for Stretched Ears.
We have Flesh Tubes and Flesh Tunnels of all sizes, styles and colours.
Our range of stretching tools can be used to stretch up any piercing. Tapered Insertion Pins can stretch up any piercing, but are especially good in Ears and Genital Piercings. Stretching Crescents make easy work of Ear Lobe Stretching, and can also be worn as jewellery.
See our whole range of Tunnels, Tubes and Stretching Gear.
Take care of your Stretched Piercing with good quality Aftercare Cleaning Solution.

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