UV Ball Barbells

Shine on with these UV Ball Barbells. These funky UV barbells come with balls that are not only UV-reactive but feature sparkly gems and glitter too! Bright and stylish, they really make your piercings stand out. Barbells are very versatile and are ideal for Tongue Piercings, Nipple Piercings and Ear Piercings.
These UV Barbells are extremely versatile and can be worn in most piercings. These barbells have titanium stems with UV accessories at both ends of the threaded bar. UV barbells glow brightly under UV lights, perfect for clubs, parties and festivals!
Barbells look great as Nipple Bars, Tongue Bars, and in Ear Piercings and Eyebrow piercings.
All barbells within this section are sold with 2 removable balls so that they can easily be adapted and enhanced with Cones, Balls and Accessories.
Our range of Titanium Barbells is extensive, but if you would like to try another metal type check out our full Barbell selection.
These UV Barbells look stunning when adorned with our fabulous range of Nipple Chains!

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